Thorntons Praline Melts Mini Easter Egg

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Thorntons Praline Mini Egg

NB: This review has 2011 prices and is updated in late 2012. Over the past few years there seems to be at least twenty new varieties of small, filled, eggs from the likes of Mars, Marks & Spencer, Ferrero Rocher and now we have Thorntons. I’m not complaining as it’s always nice to try something new at Easter, but can there be any filled mini egg as nice as the Creme Eggs? Well this Thorntons Mini egg set me back 75p at Tesco, but it would have cost me 16p less if I bought it from Asda. But, to be fair, it tastes absolutely divine – with the smooth, creamy centre that certainly appeals much more than the overly-sweet caramel-filled eggs that Cadbury sell millions of during the Easter period.

This mini egg stands at about 5cm tall and is much heavier than I thought it’d be. What’s more, the outer chocolate shell is incredibly thick for an egg of this size. Indeed, it took a very forceful bite to break through the shell. Inside you’ll be met with a gorgeous looking praline centre that is as smooth as it looks. It’s this alternative to caramel as a centre, it’s almost ganache-like, and that should be the major selling point. The issue we have is that much of Thornton’s range has reduced in quality somewhat and perhaps many people won’t buy it.

I don’t often like praline as it can be too salty, but this is just the right balance between sweet and salty but still manages to put across the hazelnut flavour that tasted a great deal of Nutella! It really is amazing how Thorntons have produced a praline centre with such a smooth texture – given that most pralines are course. Perhaps it’s because the process used to create this praline is very much a mass-produced one?

I’d say this egg is well worth getting as a quick Easter treat and I actually prefer it to the Cadbury Creme Egg!!

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