Thorntons Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Egg

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The Nice people at Thornton’s have sent me some Easter eggs to review so here’s the first – The Thornton’s Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Egg which costs just £6.50 and can be gift wrapped.

I particularly liked this one as it reduced the level of packaging that I have normally come to expect from Easter eggs recently. Being Fairtrade I was expecting a slightly different taste than the mass-market Easter eggs and that’s what I got. It definitely had a more vanilla flavour than the others and it had a very sweet taste but that part of the flavour was sharper than I’d normally expect too. At first I thought it had a higher cocoa content than it actually had – it definitely tasted that way. However, it’s got the usual 30% minimum cocoa solids and a minimum 20% milk solids – perhaps it’s just better quality cocoa?

One thing I did notice was that the thickness of the chocolate wasn’t even, at the bottom it was 4mm thick and at the top it was only 2mm. I’ve got no problems with that as some of the thick Easter eggs can be quite awkward to get into – this came apart easily.

Easter Eggs Rating: 7/10 – a nice complex flavour Easter egg for people that actually like to taste what they’re eating. The fair trade part was good and it was nice not to have a farmyard tasting organic egg that you often get with Fair Trade Easter eggs.

You can get the Thornton’s Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Egg Thornton’s for £6.50.

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