Thorntons Easter Deals

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Update 2012: Thorntons normally do a range of offers in the couple of weeks before Easter where each day they’ll give another ridiculous discount such as £5 off one of their premium eggs or a buy one get one free. They also normally do “early bird” type offers to help you buy if you wanted to get everything prepared and delivered ahead of the mad rush. The way these typically work is that they’ll email out a voucher code in the morning of the day the offer is running and then that’ll end at midnight. They also do a range of “3 for 2″ offers all the time if you don’t want to take any risks.

At the moment they’ve got the 3 for 2 on twenty products including their model chocolate gifts such as personalised chocolate football boots, cars and purses as well as a milk chocolate princess – these are definitely aimed at young children. In terms of Easter eggs they have them across a wide range of medium sized eggs such as the ones with butterflies bunnies and footballs on – these are priced at £3.50 individually, but of course, that means they’re £7 for three.

At this price they also do plain eggs that can be personalised – in milk, white and dark chocolate. If you wanted larger versions of these they do them at 320g instead of 153g for £6.50 each.

Do you want to get some Easter chocolate deals from Thorntons?

Well, they’ve currently got a 3 for two sale on for their Easter treats – which are perfect Easter eggs, bunnies and other animals for kids. What’s more, they were fairly cheap to start with! These are now a fabulous bargain!

Visit Thorntons to find out more!

Here’s a quick sample of what Thorntons have on for 3 for 2. There are more!! Obviously they don’t have any offers on Easter eggs just yet.

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