Thorntons Diabetic Easter Egg

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2012 Update: this year I’ve bought this egg and have reviewed it. You can read the review of the Thorntons No Added Sugar Easter Egg.

You can buy this diabetic Easter egg here:

I’m glad I found one of the premier Easter egg makers offer a Diabetic Easter egg as my mother is a diabetic, but loves chocolate.

But you can get yours now direct from Thornton’s.

Also if you wanted to buy Easter eggs for diabetics then Chocolate Trading Co. have a wide range, although I’m waiting to find out if they’re going to offer any Easter eggs for diabetics.

In 2011 I believe the European Union instructed food producers not to call their chocolate “suitable for diabetics” etc. because it’s misleading. If you are a diabetic your doctor or GP would have given you some information about this and may have mentioned that perhaps you should search for chocolate labelled as having “No added sugar”? I’ve had conversations with the former Marketing Director at Thornton’s about this issue and they’ve changed their labelling and website to reflect this.

In terms of their current, non-Easter range they do have a good selection of chocolates such as selection boxes, truffles fruit drops, chocolate bars and even toffee (how does that work?).

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