The Serious Dark Fix Easter Egg

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If you’re a lover of dark chocolate (like me) you’ll love this dark chocolate Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat.

Well the Serious Dark Fix Egg isn’t a “Cheap” dark fix egg, but it’ll be well worth it! £20 will get you a wonderfully thick Easter egg with ‘seriously authentic dark pralines’ inside – I counted 16!

Its suitable for vegans and for people that want their Easter eggs alcohol free!

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2011 Update:This year it looks like Hotel Chocolat has worked hard on the chocolates inside as they now include fantastic chocolates such as pralines, rum truffles, a chilli praline and a single malt whisky chocolate – doesn’t this sound absolutely fantastic?? The downside is that the price has gone up £2, but I do feel the extra couple of Pounds is worth it!

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Title: The Serious Dark Fix Easter Egg
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