Some Facts

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Here are some interesting Easter Egg Facts:

  • Figures from the British Retail Consortium predicted £520m being spent on 80 million eggs over Easter 2006.
  • The first chocolate Easter egg was produced in by Fry’s in 1873.
  • One of the most expensive eggs on offer in 2006 was the unique Diamond Stella Egg – a chocolate egg laden with diamonds – a bargain at £50,000.
  • Dietitians are warning that eating five Easter eggs (the average given to most children) plus the bars included with them, could see youngsters doubling their recommended calorie intake for a week, risking becoming hooked on chocolate, plus seeing their weight increase by several pounds within days.
  • People in the UK are the biggest chocoholics in Europe, munching through an average 10 kilos per year – or 25% of all the chocolate eaten across Europe. This means we spend the equivalent of 20 new hospitals a year on indulging in chocolate – a total of £4.3 billion.
  • Analysts believe that over the next five years the UK chocolate market would reflect a consumer shift towards dark chocolate, in line with health concerns. Whilst Britons go for bars such as snickers, the Germans prefer boxes of chocolate and the French moulded bars.

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