Smarties Chicken And Egg

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Smarties Chocolate Egg

Well, the obvious thing to write would be “what came first: the chicken or the egg?” In this case it’d have to be an egg. In my mad rush of buying this from Tesco for the stupidly high price of £2.50 I didn’t actually read the “Egg Inside” that’s featured on the wrapping. Much to my surprise, when I broke off the chicken’s head and peered inside and saw a fairly big chocolate egg. To me Easter chocolates are all about surprises – and you get one if you don’t read the packaging.

The chicken is about 10cm long and weighs 117.5g so it’s on the average side. What isn’t average, unfortunately, is that hefty price. I’d expect £1.99 at the very most and you get Nestlé’s bog-standard chocolate for it. At only 25% minimum cacao solids it’s not going to be the most adult of flavours. Instead you’ll get their usual very sweet, almost addictive chocolate. I know I do prefer gourmet chocolate but I just can’t get enough of this chicken and egg!

What’s more, inside that inner egg there were about ten Smarties which didn’t, to me, taste like the usual Smarties you get in a tube. Instead they’re much smaller and taste sweeter.

As a rating I’d have to give it a: Good – but it is too expensive.

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  1. Maggie says:

    I just received an Smarties Chicken And Egg and too my delight I love smarties. When I shook it and realised there were smarties in it I was very excited. However, when I smashed and opened it, only five bloody smarties came out!! I should sue! I was very disappointed with this fact of only five smarties were inside. This has made me very angry and it really does emphasis how stingy people are!

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