Serious Dark Fix Ostrich Easter Egg

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If you’re looking to buy an Easter egg for someone that just loves dark chocolate then you can’t go wrong with buying the Serious Dark Fix Ostrich Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat.

It may cost an outrageous £50, but you’ve got to realise that this is an Easter egg that should last a while and give extreme pleasure. It’s not a £1 Easter egg that you may get from your local supermarket, it’s heaven in every mouthful.

The shell contains 74% smooth dark chocolate which has crunchy almond sticks. The egg is made out of single origin chocolate it has individual chocolates which are made of mixed nut praline, gin ganache, macadamia, real cream truffle eggs with orange liqueur, whisky, pink champagne and others. You also get orange & lemon chocolates as well as rum & caramel delights.

If you really want to impress your loved one this year then I seriously recommend getting them the Serious Dark Fix Ostrich Easter Egg if you can afford it. If it is a bit out of your price bracket then they have other Easter eggs too.

You can also get this Easter egg from John Lewis.

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