Salted Caramel Easter Egg

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So during the week I popped down to Paul A. Young to see what delights he was creating for Easter, and although he’s got some exceedingly thick and awesome Easter eggs beautifully lined up to buy already, most of the über delicate and ‘scrummy’ stuff is yet be made into the shop as it’s got to be as fresh as possible for Easter Sunday. If they taste as great as they look then I’m sure you lucky Londoners will agree they’re well worth waiting for.

If my eggcup was half full I would have said that I was a touch too early in visiting Paul. However, if I saw mine as full the brim, and more so, with a wonderful Valrhona Madagascar mini egg bursting at the seems with rich, decadent salted caramel then I’d be the happiest chocolate reviewer on planet earth.

Most of the chocolate treats at this time of year are made from shells that couldn’t hold the weight of the lightest new born Easter chick. You couldn’t throw that accusation at Paul, however, as he is as categorical as I am that luxury Easter eggs have to be very thick – regardless of how costly they are to produce. If I was nimble enough I’m sure I could stand on this egg whole without it breaking or showing any signs of strain. Even those expert at the art of dismantling Easter eggs may have trouble tucking into it. The knack, of course is to either twist as you may separate an avocado or prize open with a knife – I prefer the former method.

We all know that anything worth having is worth putting the effort into obtain and when you’ve found your way inside you’ll face the choice of either diving in for the extremely gorgeous salted caramel held within, or nibbling at the exquisite 64% dark chocolate that forms the shell. I went for the chocolate first. I found myself shaving more off with a knife as I didn’t want my nose to be covered with salty-sweet goo and I know how delightful the chocolate is as I could consume that chocolate endlessly.

I’m typically not a salted caramel person as I often find it partnered wigh sweet chocolate that just tips balance too far in the sugary direction. This, however, gives a perfect blend of sweet and bitter that should make the most noble of chocolate lovers weep with excitement. Furthermore, if you’re like me and can’t wait for Sunday afternoon to consume Easter eggs, why not cheat and have it on the evening before and curl up on the sofa with a loved-one and each dip your spoon in the gooey substance in turn? I do feel this egg should be consumed as a couple, although, I’m sure you’ll all secretly wish you had it to yourself!

Price? Are you even concerned? Pop into one of his shops in London and find out. Just bear in mind that I’m categorising it as “the best” and fully I expect them to go as quickly as last year!

Where To Buy This Luxury Salted Caramel Easter Egg


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