Rocky Road to Caramellow Extra Thick Egg

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The lovely people at Hotel Chocolat sent me a Rocky Road to Caramellow Extra Thick Egg to review. Stupidly I opened the box when I was at work and didn’t have enough time to review it properly so I’ve been thinking all day about one of the best Easter eggs you’ll ever try – even better than the After Eight Easter Egg With Mug I reviewed the other day.

Buying and getting an Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat is an experience. Some Easter eggs are like staying at a B&B whilst eating an Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat is like staying at a gorgeous 5* hotel with room service and complimentary foot rub. You just don’t stay there because you need a hotel room for the night, you stay there because it’s an experience. Just like giving someone an Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat isn’t a case of giving chocolate, it’s the whole experience which starts with the opening of the box its delivered in.

The box is a gorgeous black patterned one with a rich pink information sleeve. When you unpick it and open the box up you’re met with a pink insert in the shape of a keyhole that hides the thick silver wrapping which just ads to the anticipation even more.

When you pull that bit of card away you’re met with what looks like one, solid egg. However, as you manage to pull its mounting out of the box you realise that it’s the two egg shell individually wrapped and filled with some chocolate delights.

When you unwrap the shells you will see that one is cast from their special 40% cocoa milk chocolate covered with crispy puffed rise, cookies and chocolate chunks. Whilst the other is just nice milk chocolate covered with caramel chocolate.

And it tasted absolutely amazing – quite possibly the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted. The reason is that the flavour has many layers. It’s not like the cheap chocolate that can taste like Asda’s own tea bags, this tastes warm, smooth, complex and delightful like a hot cup of coco on a winter’s night wrapped in a blanket on the sofa with a log fire going and something great on TV.

The other layer looked like this:

The picture doesn’t do it justice. I was a bit unsure if I’d like it before I tried it. But thankfully it was out of this world. Just like the other shell, this had balanced tones of chocolate and didn’t assault your taste buds. It definitely sweeter, but exceptionally delicious.

I’m not sure in what order you’ll enjoy your Rocky Road to Caramellow Extra Thick Egg. You may leave the chocolates to last. Whether that is the right or wrong way to do it is up to you.

What you will find is a selection of small chocolates that include a pod bunny, a fruit and nut, a macadamia bite, a Easter chick, a pecan praline, some caramel canapés and a Gianduja Diamond.

The fruit and nut ones was very weird, but if you wanted normal chocolate you’d go for something like the Kit Kat one or something. Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs are all about being different, making that bit more effort and having the finest chocolate that you could probably buy on the internet.

I’d normally look at calories, sugar levels and the such like. But with when you’re buying an Easter egg of this quality then you’re not interested in any rubbish like that – you just want to enjoy every sumptuous mouthful!

Easter Egg Rating: 10/10 – I can’t fault it. Trust me – I’ve tried!

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