Peppa Pig Surprise Egg

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Peppa Pig Surprise

The ‘daddy’ of all Easter surprise eggs has to be the Kinder Surprise, there’s just no doubting it. Many others have tried creating small eggs to compete for the attention of young children and their unrelenting use of ‘pester power’. The problem is that most fail miserably. Even though I’m not a massive fan of Kinder Surprise eggs, there is no denying that kids love them. What you don’t want to do is give a child an Easter treat and then your children ending up disappointed. This is exactly what I’d expect if you gave your child a Peppa Pig Surprise Egg.

I recall this Kinnerton version cost me 75p – not a great deal in the greater scheme of things, but when you consider that most supermarkets sell Cadbury and Nestle Easter eggs for just 75p more, then you should really expect a decent treat. The problem is you don’t.  Within that fairly large, and I mean larger than the Kinder Surprise egg you’ll get ten small surgery ‘jelly beans’ and a plastic ring. I’m not being funny, but seriously?

I’ve never been much of a fan of Kinnerton. They do, though, generally give children what they want: character confectionery. If a child is a fan of Peppa Pig then having the character featured on the packaging could just be all that the child wants. But I still think about the 75p that could be spent elsewhere and give you much more “bang for your buck”.

The ‘jelly beans’ in themselves are fine. They’ve certainly got a sharp, sweet flavour, and I’d have no problem consuming the lot.

Save your money.

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