Cadbury’s Easter ...
For £17.50 you get 15 Easter eggs, plus a bag and a tube of mini eggs. This has to be the cheapest way to organise and Easter egg hunt.
The Eggisibionist
Would you expect an extra thick Easter egg to be 2mm in places this one was. Around the edge it was just over 1mm. The chocolate was good though and the experience worth paying extra for.
Dermaquette Giant Easte...
If you're lucky enough to live in London then you've just got to try this one from Marc Demarquette as it's a giant milk chocolate egg and has some utterly wonderful sea salt and strawberry caramel seashells.
Montezuma’s Eco E...
This has to be one of the best dark chocolate Easter eggs I've reviewed this year, what's more it's eco-friendly, tasty, organic, gluten free and suitable for vegans! Also it's great value for money.
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