Organic Milk Chocolate Easter Egg – The Chocolate Alchemist

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This Organic Milk Chocolate Scribble Easter Egg is another one that that the guys at House Of Fraser got sent over – and I’m glad they did.

I’m in the mood for some nice milk chocolate that’s not full of sugar or exceptionally rich. Being organic it’s definitely got that organic taste – I don’t know what makes it taste that way but it definitely tastes natural and has no “harsh edges” that some of the cheap kid’s egg do. This is as smooth as they come, with a complex flavour and a slightly “woody” aroma.

As you can see, its’ pretty thick too. In fact it weighs a very substantial 300g. It contains a minimum of 34% cocoa solids and 22% milk solids. It also contains vanilla and whole milk powder.

Easter Eggs Rating: 8/10 a great one for milk chocolate Easter egg lovers. And the price £13.00 may put off casual buyers, but if you do want an Easter egg that doesn’t taste of chemicals then I’d give it a go.

Buying it: Well The Chocolate Alchemist makes them, but you can’t buy them online. The House of Fraser sell some of their range online, but not this one. So you’ll probably have to pop in store.

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