Moo-riel Hollow Milk Chocolate Cow

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So I pop-down to Tesco on New Years day to get some much needed supplies and I notice that they’ve got some Easter eggs on sale already. So I couldn’t resist and here’s the first Easter egg review of 2009: The Moo-Riel Hollow Milk Chocolate Cow.

The first thing I noticed about the Moo-Riel is the price. £3.99 is fairly expensive especially when you consider some of the absolute bargains they had on last year.

What I think they’re counting on is “pester power” from the kids as it is an Easter egg that really does stand out! Its striking, and although there wasn’t a great deal else on the shelves, I feel it’ll still sell well closer to the time.

But what is the chocolate like?

Well, its 200g of average chocolate, well what did you expect? It’s aimed at kids so it’s not going to be chocolate for connoisseurs such as the fantastic stuff from The Chocolate Trading Co.. But that said, I’d say it’s still a fairy good choice for Kids as it’s not massively laden with sugar.

The taste reminds me of the Nestle Rolo Easter egg but with a slightly weird after-taste. If you’re buying for a child that is likely to get a whole load of Easter eggs then I think this could be a good choice.

The chocolate was reasonably thick, but nothing overly so. It’s acceptable, however.

Moo-Riel Hollow Milk Chocolate Cow Nutritional Information:
Just going off what the packaging says – 1/8th of an egg contains 140 calories or 1120 in total, 102g of sugar in total, 72.8g of fat in total of which 44g are saturates.

Overall they estimate that there’s a minimum of 34% cocoa solids.

Allergy Advice: They say it contains milk and soya. There’s no nuts in the recipe, but the equipment used to make it previously had nuts on it.

Very low use of card and a reasonable amount of plastic. There was no foil used.

Easter Eggs Rating 6/10 – Targeted at kids, so nothing special.

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