Maltesers Mini Bunny Easter Treat

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2012 update: OK so I’ve changed my mind, these Malteasters slightly addictive. I still prefer “proper chocolate”, but I’ll give it to you guys, you know chocolate that does make you want to eat more and more! Oh how I hate myself! They’re 65p now in Co-op.

2010 review: I must say that I’m hugely disappointed with these Malteaster mini Easter bunnies from Mars. They may only be 59p from Tesco but they mould for the bunny is of poor quality, the chocolate too sweet and the “crunchy & creamy Melteasters centre” tastes peppery to me (I am slightly ill so that may account for part of it).

This Easter treat is nowhere near 59p worth as it’s only 29g and mostly a biscuit-like concoction. That brings me to the issue – where the heck is the “creamy” part? It conspicuous in its absence in the one I’ve got!

I’m glad that Mars kept to the same chocolate tradition in this version as it’s very mild and not excessively sweet, although you could still say it’s missing a trick in being a bit of a non-entity. I’d certainly give this a miss if you’re popping along to your local supermarket or Sweets2 in either wholesale quantities or boxes of 5 for £3.99 or a box of 4 from Chocolate Buttons for £3.10

Where To Buy Malteaster – Maltesers Mini Bunny Easter


  • Taste: 20% – too peppery, not enough chocolate
  • Texture: 55 – the biscuit part was to dry and was too large a part of the Easter treat
  • Appearance: 40% – most of this score came from the wrapping, the bar itself was not detailed enough
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – there was a good amount of information present
  • Packaging: 80% – no excessive packaging
  • Price: 30% – not good value at all
  • Overall: 49.17% – only partially saved by packaging and info – a must avoid Easter treat


Nutritional Information:
  • Fat – 31.7g per 100g
  • 157 kcal per 29g bar
  • 34% milk chocolate

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8 Responsesto “Maltesers Mini Bunny Easter Treat”

  1. Lucy Rivers says:

    what a terrible review! Your view is obviously in the minority as i work in a supermarket up until recently and they sold out in 2 days!!! more than any other crappy egg treat we have! they taste amazing! the mold for the bunny is basic, but the lack of detail gives you more filling!!! ever think of that!?
    Also you said they were ONLY 59p, which is actually very expensive! I only buy them as they are amazing and i'm addicted! They taste like a truffle, a creamy centre with tiny crunchy malteser pieces inside, they are the best chocolate ive ever had (even better than the mini malteser thingies you can get in celebrations! (and i never thought i'd say that!)
    Mars should get their finger out and produce these all year round as a kinder bueno-esque bar format, mmmmm!

  2. Anonymous says:

    cadburysHas anyone read the back of the
    wrapper for the Cadburys mini
    MALTEASTER bunny?
    I'm wondering wether the in-house designers for Cadburys' chocolates are on drugs.
    Does anyone know what Cadburys are trying to communicate to the consumer?
    Do Cadburys have an e-mail address on their website? and if not they must be the only chocolate manufacturer in the uk not to have one.

  3. QVC addict says:

    I liked these, but didnt find the centre was anything other than crunchy. I would buy again, but they will never beat a bag of mini eggs :0) xx

  4. AJL says:

    Well I dont know I live in Australia, Picked up a couple the other day for $1 each, omg they are AWESOME…chocolate creamy and delicious filling like a chocolatey malty praline with malty crunchy balls through it YUM went back today to get more and theyre sold out im shattered.

  5. Katie says:

    I disagree too! I just ate one and it was AMAZING! Although they might be slightly different in Australia…

    Maybe you shouldn’t review chocolate when you are sick!!

  6. malteaster bunnies rule! says:

    Shut up, clearly you are stupid… MALTEASTER BUNNIES ARE THE BEST!!! Should be sold all year long!

  7. Jess says:

    These are delicious!!! I ate 5 in half an hour haha. YUM!

  8. julie says:

    great my son and husband are addicted only trouble is cant get any more any were around burnie should be more made

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