Luxury Milk Chocolate Easter Egg From Melt Chocolates

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Melt Chocolates Easter Egg In The Box

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this Easter egg from Melt Chocolates is quite possibly the finest Easter egg I’ve reviewed. I know I’ve tried some very good ones with fantastic truffles contained within, but when you take the whole experience into account then this Easter egg has to win hands down. If you’re looking to really impress a loved-one this Easter then this egg has to be the choice for you – forget the rest.

As you can see, it’s presented such wonderfully. The box is solid and tied delightfully with matching ribbon. Inside the egg is perfectly packaged with colour paper. But I can predict your wife or girlfriend will give a similar gasp as I produced when I removed the top layer of packaging.

The egg is adorned by two butterflies and a flower. It’s classy, classic and elegant. Many Easter eggs have swirls, patterns and various accouterments to assign some sort of value, but simplicity is the key with Easter eggs to my mind.

The chocolate is also excellent within an Easter egg context. Even though I wasn’t particularly hungry at the time of reviewing half of it had vanished by the time I’d finished taking the photos. It wasn’t too sweet, but was instead deliciously rich and full of flavour. I know the wow-factor of how the egg is presented is important, but the quality of the chocolate is of crucial importance – and you won’t be left disappointed with this one.

I normally prefer dark chocolate, but this milk chocolate version is exceptional. But if you did prefer dark chocolate then they have one for you too. However, inside this milk chocolate Egg they have two dark fudgy “sweets” wonderfully wrapped inside too. These had a fine hot chocolate flavour which was soft and utterly delicious.

I really communicate how great this egg was. You’ll just have to buy one and find out! Did I mention the cost? Well its worth every penny!

Where To Buy This Milk Chocolate Easter Egg


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