Luxury Easter Eggs

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When trying to find artisan and Luxury Easter eggs it’s important to note that you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can get fine Easter eggs for under £25 and really out of this world, huge one’s for £ and under.

For those of you who are interested in the epitome of luxuriousness the it has to be the Fortnum & Mason range of Easter eggs. They range from £125 for the egg eau de nil silk hand-covered egg which is filled with English creams and truffles. They also have “The Colossal Egg” for £90 but don’t mention how large it is, but it does come in five flavours. They also have a range of other hand-made eggs at £37.50 which do look lovely. Their cheapest gourmet egg is £12.50. Having now reviewed this decorated Easter egg, I’m thinking of removing it from the list as I now don’t think it’s worth the money, the others might though.

Last year the guys at Chocolate Trading Co. had a wonderful Easter egg from Michel Cluziel, it appears that they’re not selling it this year, instead they’ve got a whole range of utterly delightful looking (I’ve got one on order) Easter eggs from Charbonnel et Walker – the most delightful of which is this Rose & Violet egg which costs £31. Inside the egg are housed some rose and violet chocolates which appear to be little cocoa beans as that’s generally how they grow within the a cocoa pod. If ou’re looking for a fine quality Easter egg for a wife or a girlfriend then I’d probably suggest this one.

And now for the Thorntons Continental Paris Easter Egg. I’ve actually been to the Thorntons Factory and saw them make Easter eggs and a good few are made by hand. I’m not sure if this one is, but having tried the Thorntons Premium Collection Easter Egg I don’t think you’ll have any problems with the quality of this Easter egg. It’s inspired by Paris and is pretty much a giant Easter egg as it weighs 635g. Visit Thorntons for more information.

The Hotel Chocolat The Milk Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg Now we’re getting into the more expensive Easter egg range. This Easter egg is huge, massive, big, and gigantic. Whatever you want to call it. It’s a staggering 1.2kg in weight and contains to very thick egg shells and has a variety of their pecans, macadamia pralines, caramels and slabs. This may not be any sort of premier crus – but it’ll give the wow factor you’re looking for. Visit Hotel Chocolat for more information. Also don’t forget the 10% off you can get with the voucher code EEPR10 from February 27th to April 8th 2012.

Ferrero Rocher Luxury Easter Egg. Ferrero Rocher have been known for years for those luxury chocolate treats that many of us only seem to have at Christmas. Well if you’re looking for a luxury Easter egg then why not give this one a try. It’s £14.95 which is more expensive than most, but still cheaper than Hotel Chocolat.

Single Origin Venezuela Milk Chocolate Egg. Venezuela is known in chocolate circles as producing some of the finest cacao on the planet. This egg uses a blend of the two (of the three) types of cacao – Criollo and Trinitario so it should have a luxurious flavour. I’ve ordered the dark chocolate version to try.

Buy from Montezuma’s

If you really have to impress, what about this £50 egg from Sir Hans Sloane in Weybridge, Surrey? I can’t see much information about it, but it does look incredibly thick and well decorated. I don’t think I could manage it all!

Betty’s have a wonderful array of gourmet Easter eggs including this one with spring flowers which costs £39. But I do love their Grand Gru Dark Chocolate egg which costs £25 and is housed in a presentation box and I believe is made with luxury Felchlin Swiss dark chocolate. If you didn’t want to spend so much then they have smaller eggs such as the White Chocolate Badger Easter egg for just £13.95. Also if packaging is important to you then I can vouch for the care they take when sending out their chocolate – the Badger Easter egg that I reviewed had a great deal of wrapping.

From the utterly splendid Demarquette we have the Easter Glam Clam. Unfortunately this one can only be picked up from his Fulham Road store as it’s so fragile, but if you have to trek across London I’m sure it’ll be worth it. Having swam around various different seas I utterly adore the sight of real clam and other sea shells, as I snorkel the sight of their glistening appearance makes me try and dive down further to have a close look, of course I often don’t make it. But if you’ve got a loved-one also captured by their beauty you might like to get one of these fantastic creations from Marc Demarquette.

They cost £25 and you’ll get a shining chocolate shell filled with a variety of fruit-inspired caramels in the form of eggs. I really want one of these!!!

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