Lindt Golden Bunny Easter Treat Review

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I can’t remember how much I paid for the Lindt Golden Bunny from Tesco (also available from Chocolate Buttons), it was either £3 or £4. At first I wasn’t going to buy it at all as it looked like it’d just be the plain, boring chocolate that these bunnies often turn out to be. Then I realised it wasn’t so much about the chocolate, but the cuteness of it. It isn’t going to be people like me that buy it for other people that are really into their different types of chocolate, but for kids or people that are into the “cute” things in life.

I had the preconception that the chocolate would be quite thing and tasteless. But it was actually quite thick at the top – my teeth weren’t quite prepared for it to be honest.

The flavour, unfortunately was very underwhelming. It tasted bland with a slight chemically taste – nothing over-powering, though. The aroma is a bit off-putting. I don’t actually know how to describe it. Perhaps you could say it tasted like part-fermented beer. It’s a very sharp, sweet smell, and not too appetising to say the least. I’m sure for many they wouldn’t spend any time sniffing the bunny, but I wouldn’t advise it.

If you did want to buy one, you can get them from Tesco or Ocado, but also give Wilkinson’s a try. However, I’ve just found them at Chocolate Buttons for &3.95. I’ve also found them at Debenhams.

Easter Eggs Rating: 3/10 – I know it’s not supposed to be a gourmet Easter egg, but it was quite, err, foul.

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