Lily of the Valley Easter Egg

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Betty’s have been one of my favourite chocolatiers so far this year when it’s come to some unusual and interesting Easter eggs. We’ve had the White Chocolate Badger egg and the Chocolate Saddleback Pigs, but it’s time for something unusual in terms of the flavour rather than the design. One of my distant memories is my grandmother and mother mentioning Lily of the Valley in a discussion about gardening. It’s actually a poisonous woodland plant that has wonderful, delicate flowers. The guys at Betty’s obviously know what they’re doing and have come up with a  65% dark chocolate Eater egg flavoured with essence of Lily of the Valley.

As everything that Betty’s do this egg looks great. It has a rich, dark appearance and stance 15cm tall and weighs a decent 230g. It decorated with some thin fondant icing that is much finer than the photograph looks like on their website. Also what can’t be easily be portrayed on the website is the very strange, bitter flavour the chocolate has. I’ve never tasted anything flavoured with Lily of the Valley so don’t  have any reference points but there does seem to be a fairly strong floral, bitter flavour that is more than just from the darkness of the chocolate and its inherent acidity.

I’m in two minds if I like it or not. I would say that it does most certainly suggest that it’s a style of flavour that older generations may appreciate purely because of that floral tone. What’s more it has three fondant creams at the base of the chocolate which are attached to a ‘gold’ washed slab base. These creams also have a bitter flavour which is surprising given the nature of the ingredients within fondant. Too often I find them far too sweet, but the bitterness from the Lily of the Valley gives it much more of an unusual flavour. Actually it’s almost like a very weak ginger tone.

Certainly if you’re looking for something completely different and a name that your mother or grandmother might appreciate, a flavour that may bring back memories and a talking point for Easter Sunday then I most certainly recommend this egg as it’s only £19.95. But if you’re buying for somebody that is less inclined to like unusual flavours then perhaps you should try some of their other chocolate eggs instead.

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