Large Kinder Surprise Easter Egg

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Large Kinder Surprise Easter Egg Packaging

I’m still reeling from my decision to part with £5 at my local Co-op and buying this Large Kinder Surprise Easter Egg. I still don’t know what possessed me to buy it. But as I have, this is what I think of it. As is typical for many Easter egg makers, the packaging makes it look much larger than it actually is. If you’re interested the egg is 12cm tall and just over 8cm wide, whilst the carton is 21.5cm tall and 13.5cm wide and the shell is roughly 3mm thick – I’m struggling to think its good value for money at this early stage.

There’s no denying that children will love the jolly external packaging and be encouraged after they have removed the foil-wrapped egg from its container – which also looks very engaging. I even liked the shiny appearance of the milk chocolate egg when I removed it from the foil. Obviously Kinder Surprise eggs are made by layering milk chocolate over white chocolate which gives an incredibly sweet taste. What’s more their exclamation of “more milk, less cocoa” does actually follow through to the flavour which does taste a great deal of milk. I find it difficult to pick out any true “chocolate” flavour against the sweet and milk flavours. But I know its not supposed to!

There must be a problem with this. I know milk is good for you, but milk chocolate isn’t when compared to high cocoa content chocolate (correct me if I’m wrong). Whether children would take note of this and be more intent to buy milk chocolate over dark, I don’t know, but I am inclined to think that statement would need clarifying to parents.

The secondary reason why parents buy their children Kinder Surprise eggs is that they come with a toy that the kids can make. That plastic inner egg is much larger than I thought. I opened it up and saw that it had pieces very similar to the giraffe I made last time and I just didn’t have the energy to try and make it. I was there for about 15 minutes last time and didn’t have the mental strength to make another one.

Overall I think £5 is far too expensive for the egg. Putting myself in the mind of a child (it isn’t that hard) I’m sure they’ll get some good amount of pleasure out of. But I’d be inclined to ensure that they didn’t have too many similar eggs as there is an awful lot of sugar in it. In fact, they’re 52.5% sugar, 23.5% saturated fats. I’m just glad Easter doesn’t come around too often! And that’s why I’m giving this egg a rating of “below average”.

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