8 Hand Finished Eggs From Lakeland

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Chocolate Eggs From Lakeland

This year I thought I’d try something that I wouldn’t normally chocolate made for Lakeland -the kitchenware company. Whilst looking at them in the box I’m not entirely sure it was such a good idea. Of course you get eight half shells of Easter chocolate which measure about 5cm tall. Two are white chocolate decorated with milk chocolate stripes, two are milk chocolate eggs with white chocolate stripes, to look like actual eggs with the yolks and the other two have sprinkles on and what are supposed to look like little Easter chicks.

The milk chocolate is actually 31% which isn’t too bad compared to most mass-produced chocolate where Nestle use a 25% minimum cacao solids couverture and Cadbury shocking 20%. But the problem is that these milk chocolate eggs taste as cheap. There’s no nice chocolate feel, instead the texture is quite waxy and, well I was going to say a touch unpleasant, but that would be unfair. Instead they just taste a touch average.

The white chocolate does taste dreadful though. It has sort of soap powder flavour to it, which just means can’t have more than the one bite.

At £5.99 for the eight you’re not going to expect top quality chocolate, but if you’re just out shopping at Lakeland anyway and you’ve forgotten to get grandma something for Easter then this would be fairly acceptable. Let’s just hope she doesn’t have her glasses when she reads the ingredients there’s a whole host of stuff in it, including concentrated carrot, apple, lemon, safflower and sugar spinach powder! As a quick rating I’ll have to give them a “poor”.

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