Kinder Surprise Mini Easter Egg

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Did you know that the Kinder Surprise was the biggest selling kids’ confectionery of 2010? Well they are. And to keep hold of that position they’ve freshened up the ‘Point of sale’ designs to make sure your kids buy them even more over the Easter period.

The company, Ferrero Rocher, has also added Bueno Eggs into the country – it’ll be interesting to see how they do! They’ll come in packs of unlucky 13 and be priced at £1.99. They have a chocolate wafer and a creamy hazelnut filling.

It seems that their press department are saying they’re aimed at women who “favour lighter chocolate bars” and will use the ‘a little bit of what you fancy’ tag line!

Some come on ladies, tell us what you think of them!

You can get a box of 72 Kinder Surprise eggs from Chocolate Buttons £35.25. You can also get them from Amazon if you prefer.

What I do like about Kinder is that you can also get a range of other related chocolate treats such as the Maxi bar, the Happy Original snack, the Bueno and the Kinder Surprise Bunny.

But read our review of the Kinder Surprise egg first.

What many people don’t know about the Kinder Surprise Egg is that the style of the toys inside the eggs have changed over time due to legal requirements. Previously the eggs were banned in Germany and Austria, I believe due to choking concerns. Furthermore, the egg is banned in the USA, but one lady didn’t know about that when she tried to bring in one from Canada. The egg cost her $2 but the fine cost her $300 – ouch!


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