Kinder Surprise Egg Review

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You may be on a budget as you may have heard, there’s a credit crunch on. If you do want to get your kids a little something or just want to treat your husband or wife a little retro treat then why not consider a Kinder Surprise egg which you can get for 58p each from Tesco or £35.28 for 72 of them (49p each) from Chocolate Buttons

I remember buying one of these virtually every day just to get one of the toys, and virtually all of my friends used to buy them too. What I didn’t realise is that the Kinder Surprise egg is still the biggest selling kids’ confectionery still now!

And they’re still as magical as they ever were. You still open it up and witness that distinctive aroma, you still the fantastic mixture of the white and milk chocolate that may be very thin, but it still tastes gorgeous.

But we still believe that kids buy them for the little toys inside, even though they probably end up losing them in a few minutes. And just look at this reindeer I got (well I think it is!)


Easter Eggs Rating: 6/10 – Still a good Easter treat for kids, but it has lost a bit of sparkle.

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