Hazelnut Mini Ferrero Eggs

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Hazelnut Mini Ferrero Mini Eggs In Their Bag

On a recent trip to Tesco to scout of what Tesco will be stocking for Easter this year I came across these hazelnut mini eggs from Ferrero. At the time I thought twice about it as they were a pretty heft £2.50 a bag or £3.00 for two. Although I didn’t inspect the bags too closely I wouldn’t have bought them if I’d have known at the time that they’ll eventually be available on the multi-buy. You see £2.50 for ten of these mini eggs is a bit much.

I must admit it was the packaging that drew me in – more normal circumspect personality was controlled by the beautiful packaging. The soft, golden colours with the whimsical and enticing picture of the inside of the egg made me give in to temptation. What’s more, apparently they won a Great Taste Award last year which should be a sign of a good quality chocolate. But after tasting the mini eggs I’m in two minds.

Each mini egg is about 3.5cm by 2.5cm and wrapped in lovely, thin golden foil wrapper, which, thankfully, was easy to remove. As I’ll be mentioning in a couple of reviews later this week, I don’t get on too well with mini eggs wrapped in foil when you’ve got to buy them outside of a larger bag as they just don’t scan. Thankfully you don’t have that problem here.

The ingredients may confuse some. Many people have been brought up thinking that the higher the cacao content then the better the chocolate. The ingredients states: “fine milk chocolate 52.5%”, but this doesn’t actually mean that the milk chocolate contained 52.5% milk solids, but each mini egg is just over half milk chocolate – and 9.5% hazelnuts. It doesn’t actually mention what the cacao rate is, but I can tell it’s not as low as most Nestlé chocolate.

The outer flavour is actually very nice in terms of most milk chocolate mini eggs, although they do look a bit light and pale for my liking. The shell is just 2mm thick which surrounds a middle layer of wafer and then a gorgeous hazelnut filling in the centre. I normally don’t like these mass-produced mini eggs as they’re too much like confectionery than chocolate but these are actually pretty nice.

For some there may be too much sugar and salt, but it comes across in the classic, addictive format that so many people love. If they didn’t have this touch of salty ‘zip’ then I doubt they’d be as popular. I do, however, feel that three or four would be many (normal) people’s limit as they do a get a touch much in terms of the flavour. But if you’re looking for a lighter alternative than the

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