Green & Blacks Mint Dark Chocolate

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As part of the latest Green & Blacks Easter egg hamper I got, there was this mint dark chocolate Easter egg and seeing as only the other mint Easter egg I’ve reviewed this year was the Aero Bubbles one, I was a tad excited. My own prejudice says that mint works much better with milk chocolate than the dark chocolate – and part of me still thinks that after munching on it.

This egg uses the standard dark recipe from Green & Blacks which has that lovely strange, organic, farmyard edge that I just adore. When it’s mixed with the organic peppermint oil, I feel that unique G&B flavour and characteristic is lost. In some of the eggs the flavours are strong enough so that you don’t notice that you’re not eating a Green & Blacks egg. But with this one the peppermint is somewhat muted so it’s neither ‘here nor there’.

I just love being blasted with fresh, clean mint flavour. I like to feel that I’ve just chewed a million mint leaves. But with this egg it’s stepping into a kitchen where fresh garden peas have been cooked and a mint leave tossed in to garnish. Don’t get me wrong, it still has that dark, bitter flavour that I love, I just wish it were more robust.

Essentially this is a refined egg, one for the evening of Easter Sunday before you contemplate having to go back to work. You’ve got a glass of white wine in your hand, the sun is going down and you just want to hang on to Easter that bit longer. If you’re looking for abroad brushstroke of Easter this is for you. But if you wanted a whirlwind of Easter excitement then I think it’s not.

Overall I’d give it a ‘good’ and if you did want one  you can buy it as part of a gift box, or on its own for £6.59

Where To Buy This Dark Mint Egg


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