Easter Decorations

Decorating the home is so synonymous with Christmas, but it doesn’t have to be. Many tens of thousands of families love to get their home decorated for Easter – especially as it’s a time to celebrate the end of lent and being able to indulge ourselves and our families in good food, gorgeous Easter eggs and having fun in the summer (sometimes). So if you’re a parent that wants to add a touch of Spring colour into your home with some carefully selected and beautiful Easter decorations, then here are some ideas.


One of the easiest, most cost-effective and perhaps elegant of all Easter traditions is that of hanging eggs. If you have foliage in your house or even a fireplace (which we would hope wouldn’t be on at this time of year) then you can easily hang a non-edible personalised hanging Easter egg which you can get from Not On The High Street for £9.95 which can be bought in both blue and pink.

You can also get them as a pack of six speckled ones for £5.99 but they’re not personalised. And if you wanted a cheap option then Amazon have a good selection including a pack of six brightly coloured ceramic eggs for just £3.99. I also like the pack of handpainted ones from dotcomgiftshop.

And for young children who wanted to get creative then you can get plastic hanging eggs with a bit of ribbon which they can paint for just 35p each at Baker Ross.

If you have a really classy home, John Lewis have some beautiful glass Easter egg decorations for £3 for three.


Now this Easter Wreath from John Lewis has to be the most beautiful Easter decoration I’ve ever seen.  What’s more, it can either be used to hang on a wall, door or as a table decoration. It’s £18 looks absolutely fabulous. There’s no information about size, but I’d expect it to be normal wreath size.

Not On The High Street also have a fabulous selection of Easter wreaths  including ones that are made from faux daffodils in the shape of a heart, they’ve got ones specifically made for doors and quite a few with eggs in them wrapped in twigs which also look delightful. If you wanted to spend a great deal they have some with roses in too.


If you’ve got young children and prefer to have some Easter Banners then Party Delights have some really cheap ones for the home as well as for in the garden. Most of them say “Happy Easter” whilst others specify you’ve organised an Easter egg hunt or some just have pictures on them. There’s also a few on Amazon. Or you could even make your own with the help of Baker Ross – although you can get them for just £1 from Poundland!