Large, Huge and Giant Easter Eggs For UK Delivery By Post

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Many of us want to impress our loved one or kids at Easter with Giant Easter eggs – regardless of how practical they are. We may not want to shell out the £150 for an Imperial Easter egg from Bettys, but we may want something a fair bit larger than the average Easter egg, but still not horrendously expensive. So here’s the top 5 giant, large, huge, massive (call them what you want) Easter eggs for 2012.


» Thorntons «

This year Thorntons have redeemed themselves with a 1kg Easter egg. This is the same size as the Asda one that everyone seemingly went crazy for in 2012. What’s more we should have a valid voucher or discount code at the top of this page so you can save even more money. What’s more if you have dietary requirements then this egg could be good for you as non of the ingredients contain gluten nor artificial flavourings or preservatives  What’s more its also suitable for vegetarians.  And at £24.99 it certainly won’t break the bank and compares favourably to the more “trendy” chocolate makers that make massive Easter Eggs.

2014 Update: This egg comes in their 2 for £30 online exclusive.


2014 update: this year they’ve added a staggering £5 to the 2013 price which was already pretty extreme – although I’ve just checked, you do get 50g more chocolate and this year’s packaging is far superior.

In previous years Hotel Chocolat did the massive 1.1kg Ostrich Easter egg in both milk and dark chocolate but this year they’re doing it in milk and a half and half with the 0ther 50% of the shell being dark chocolate. If you were look for an Easter egg for couples and you didn’t mind spending £70 then this has to be the Easter egg to buy.

What I have noticed is that the egg has come down in size over the past three years from either 1.4kg or 1.5kg to 1.1kg whilst the price has gone up from £50 to £70. But I do think it’s a far superior product now and the team in Royston have done a great job in improving the egg. Now it comes in delightfully colourful cylindrical container with a round layer of chocolates on the top and a whole heap in the middle. Seemingly what you’ve lost in weight, you’ve made up in quality!

2013 update: after a number of years of their Easter eggs going up in price by around 10% each year, 2013 sees them hold the prices of their Ostrich Eggs steady.

2014 Update: the large eggs have had a make over and this year Montezuma’s haven’t specified an origin, but at 600g they’re still a very decent size.

2013: The Montezuma’s Giant Ecuadorian Dark Egg or the Venezuelan Milk Eggs are a very handy 600g of dark chocolate Easter egg are new for 2013. Last year they had a more mature design but they year it looks like they’ve tried to bring a bit of fun into it with a chocolate fried egg on the side.  The Co-Founder of Montezuma’s describes it as “Beautiful, bold and unbelievably good. That’s how I describe our two varieties of Giant egg; and it feels so good! For me dark chocolate has to be subtle and rich while not being overly bitter. ‘By Jove they have it’ seems appropriately old fashioned to describe this exquisite cocoa from Costa Rica with a unique and fascinating depth of flavour. One for the grown-ups at Easter” – I’m hopefully going to get one in the post. Buy Now – £34.99. Last year they were £29.99.

Marc Demarquette has a giant Easter egg but although it’s only half a kilo of chocolate, it’s damn good chocolate and looks utterly gorgeous with a pale blue shell made of 71.1% dark chocolate made from a blend of chocolate from Madagascar, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. It also has sea salt caramel filled sea shells placed on the outside. But if you didn’t like that filling you could choose strawberry as an alternative. You can check out this egg here.

In 2013 Marc has changed things a little bit. He’s gone for a dark chocolate egg with summer fruit caramels. Last year the entire outside of the egg had a seascape – just half of it this year. Also there’s a a very bright milk chocolate egg that’s also 18cm tall.

The last order dates are 9am on Wednesday 27th March for special delivery, 1pm 25th March for 1st Class or 10am Friday March for free Second Class post.

» Asda «

Large Asda Easter EggAsda also have a large 1kg Easter egg make from what they say is Belgian chocolate, but I forgot to check if the chocolate was actually made in Belgian or just of Belgian style – very rich and creamy. When I’m next in I’ll have a check for that information as well as the calorie and nutritional detail too.

It cost £10 which isn’t bad in the scheme of it when you compare it to the range of Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs, but I doubt the quality would be the same – but they are aimed at two different types of people though.

» Firebox «

Wow! I’ve just seen a 2.5kg Easter egg being sold on Firebox. The bad thing though, is the price – it’s a whopping £69.99, but it does come with free delivery. It’s not actually available to order (at the time of writing), but it should be ready for Easter apparently. Also it’s “only” 40cm tall, but it must be that the chocolate shell is quite thick to take it up the 2500g mark. And for you technical people that like to know stuff, it’s got turmeric root extract, red beet juice concentrate and spinach powder in! I’ll try and order one if I remember!

It looks like it’s sold out? I’ll keep checking and update this page if it comes back.

» Others «

There are some large retro Easter eggs out in 2012 but they’re not actually all that large. You can get this 282g Lion egg from Chocolate Buttons for £7.15 or Ocado for £5.59.

You can get the large Galaxy Easter egg which comes with a 125g Galaxy milk chocolate block, a 119g cookie crumble block and a Galaxy caramel block together with a 200g Easter egg for £13.25. You can also get a Galaxy Minstrels version. I’ll keep an eye out for some other massive Easter eggs you can get in the high street.

Giant Dairy Milk Easter Egg
I’ve put this one in even though it’s not fine chocolate because sometimes you just want some nice plane chocolate that isn’t too bitter or fancy. With the Giant Dairy Milk Easter Egg you get a huge chocolate shell and a large bar of Dairy Milk. You can buy this from Debenhams for £10 they also do a giant mini eggs Easter egg and a giant Creamed Egg Easter egg!

If you’ve got £90 to spare then why not get this Colossal Egg from Fortnum & Mason? The problem is that they don’t actually say how large it is. What I do know is that it’s made out of five different flavours of chocolate including mint, orange and Quebradon coffee.

2013 update: the price of this egg hasn’t changed.


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