Finding Cheap Easter Eggs

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2012 update: So I’ve started trying to keep tabs on the offers that the supermarkets have got on here. But it’s a nightmare as they each try and out-gun each other by offering the cheapest prices. But, to be honest, most of these deals look short-lived and if you want to get a whole load of Easter eggs delivered by post then I’d just recommend you pay a visit to Cadbury Gifts Direct, because if you spend over £10 then delivery is £5.50 but you’re getting absolutely massive savings on the retail prices of their eggs and you also get a great variety of chocolate in the gift boxes.

Their mid-range Easter gift box is £30 and you get absolutely tonnes for your money, whilst their collection of six large Easter eggs would cost about £45 in some of the supermarkets only cost £38.40 or six medium-sized ones for £20.94.

But it doesn’t stop there as they actually have 37 different gift boxes!

Well it looks like Sainsbury’s have the Crème Egg Easter eggs for 99p but I don’t expect they’ll last long. Asda has had £1 Easter eggs too but I don’t think there’s many left. There’s also a large selection of Easter eggs from Morrison’s for £1.09.

Buy with Valentine’s Day nearly out of the way, and only Mother’s Day to go before Easter, I’m sure more and more shop floor will be given to Easter eggs.

What are the best deals you’ve seen around?

A general rule of thumb is that during the two weeks before Easter Thornton’s will lead the way with the offers and discounts. They’ll run a special week where every day there is a different offer on, sometimes it’ll be a half-priced Easter egg, or another day it’ll be buy-one-get-one-free, or if you buy a hamper of chocolates you’ll get a selection box free.

If you’re buying your Easter eggs outside of this period then it’ll be a case of looking for voucher codes which you can see above.

For those of you who can wait until after Easter then you can often get some very good bargains from Hotel Chocolat. Just take a peek above if there is a voucher code that you can also use at the same time.

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