Ferrero Rocher Easter Egg

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And one for you Ferrero Rocher lovers. This Ferrero Rocher Easter egg set me back a staggering £14.95 and there’s not even a mug with it. I know it’s fairly large at just less than 15cm tall but it’s doesn’t actually weigh all that much – in total it weights 275g with eight traditional Ferrero Rochers with them. On the plus side though it does look luxurious in its traditional golden packaging with a nice branded ribbon but I’m still struggling to work out why Chocolate Buttons can charge so much? Obviously chocolate prices have generally gone up a lot in the last year, but £14.95? Yikes!

The thing is that this Easter is fractionally less than 2mm thick – almost nothing, and what’s more, just over a quarter of the egg is actually chopped hazelnuts. So you’re not actually getting a great deal of chocolate in this egg. Another interesting aspect is that this is an incredibly sweet Easter egg. Despite having 41% cacao in the milk chocolate, which isn’t stingy, it does taste like there’s a great deal of sugar involved. Also it does feel very oily which is strange.

But looking at the flavour, it’s not all that bad really. I know it’s sweet and there is an ample dose of hazelnut, but that’s what people buy Ferrero Rocher for. If people preferred the taste of dark chocolate Easter eggs, they wouldn’t buy this one. But you’re buying for a wife or girlfriend that really does like sweet milk chocolate and they appreciate the luxurious nature that Rocher gives then there wouldn’t be any reason not to buy this one.

Another reason why this Easter egg might be a good choice for is if you’re buying a last-minute Easter gift as quick delivery comes as standard. The morning of delivery they even email you giving you a one hour time slot in which they’ll deliver. This is great if you’re at home and need to go out, or if you’re at work and need to arrange a specific time to be available to receive the gift.

One thing I definitely didn’t like was the very sweet aroma. I’ve had it sat next to my desk for about ten minutes and it’s starting to get intense. I’ve nibbled on a fair chunk of it, but I need to move it away now.

As a quick rating I’d say it was good – because of the price and how thin the egg was and because I’ve now got a sugar headache!

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