Donna Wilson Easter Eggs From Rococo Chocolates

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Perhaps it would be an overstatement to state that the condition this wonderful Easter egg arrived in was tantamount to the destruction of the Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan some eleven years ago. But my heart sank just as low as it felt then when I unpacked this seasonal creation from Rococo Chocolates. Every year Laurent Couchaux creates the most wonderful Easter chocolate gifts that stand out like a glowing wedding bride amongst a sea of uncouth drunken friends of the bridegroom. The colours in the past have been soft, elegant, beautiful and highly original and always hand-painted. This year Rococo have changed tack offering a series of more vibrant, striking and playful designs by Donna Wilson – an all-round creative good egg.

As the eggs aren’t on Rococo’s site yet I hope Donna doesn’t mind me including a photo of hers to highlight what the eggs are like given that mine didn’t quite make the journey:

Every product I’ve ever had from Rococo, and I’ve bought quite a few, comes perfectly presented in their typical Third Republic style of schematics. They’re wrapped dutifully in paper of the same style with a matching sturdy box. With so much protection, both within the box, and outside it must have been a freak of nature, or Sod’s Law that my egg was damaged. Perhaps it was St Valentine declaring that I shouldn’t be reviewing Easter eggs before she’s had her moment in the spotlight?

Beyond the beautiful design and the fantastic packaging sits an absolutely delicious Easter egg. In the past the dark chocolate inner layer was made from fantastic Valrhona chocolate which is, in turn, coated in white chocolate which is then decorated in a coloured glaze and decorated. There is just something majestic about the combination of the dark and white chocolate. It’s a sweet and sour affair that certainly delights. As you snap off pieces the two types of chocolate separate and give you the opportunity to either consume them in tandem or individually – I’d certainly recommend alternating very randomly between the two.

As if having the most gorgeous Easter eggs you’re ever likely to see, you’ll also have eight ganaches and crèmes of Laurent’s contained inside the egg. They’re of his usual high standard and would be worth buying just for those alone. I have no indication of price yet as they’re not live on Rococo’s site just yet so I would just suggest that you sign up to their newsletter to be kept informed of when they go on sale.

As soon as Rococo launch their full Easter range I’ll be buying more to review, but I’d love to know what you thought of these new style eggs if you’re lucky enough to get one!

Where To Buy These Donna Wilson Easter Eggs


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