Diabetic Easter Eggs

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Thorntons Diabetic Easter EggFrom what I can gather retailers aren’t allowed to call any food product “diabetic”, I doubt even if they can say “suitable for diabetics” either. I’ve talked to Thorntons and from my recollection from the conversation, chocolate sellers will have to call diabetic chocolate – “no added sugar” chocolate, and perhaps not even “sugar-free”. This does make things a little more confusing. Especially as when you consider chocolate that is labelled as “diabetic” generally still contains carbohydrates which can still raise your blood sugar level – I suggest you check out the Diabetes UK website.

You can buy a 205g No Added Sugar Easter Egg from:

You could go for the Ecuadorian Dark egg from Montezuma’s which is a very dark Easter egg and will have less sugar than most, but still you’d need to double check its suitability. Hotel Chocolat also have a small selection of sugar-free chocolates, but nothing too exciting.

From the Mail: Diabetes UK, the leading charity for Diabetes, says it is safe to eat chocolate in small amounts. Even eating an Easter egg will not cause any long term damage to your blood sugar levels.

From my reviews I know that Thorntons do have a fantastic range of diabetic or sugar-free Easter eggs and they do label them very clearly.

Hotel Chocolat seem to be following this advice and don’t necessarily recommend any chocolate as being suitable for diabetics, but say that a balanced diet is key, they do suggest some of their dark chocolates as well as a selection of chocolates that are labelled as “less sweet”.

Another option is to get much darker chocolate that is also labelled as “No Added Sugar” such as this range from Amazon.

One thing I do suggest is that you spend some time researching online and don’t rush into buying any on the high-street.

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