Damian Allsop Dark Chocolate with Banana and Ginger

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Another of my purchases from the Oxford Chocolate Festival was the £12 dark chocolate Easter egg which had mini half eggs which include little pieces of ginger and banana. Damian pointed out to me that this egg is made with a fairly standard Valrhona couverture, which is delicious in itself, but his more expensive, £40 egg is made with awesome 68% Virunga Original Beans couverture and bar far the best egg he produces and should really be the one I buy seeing as I adore fine chocolate. But seeing as I’ve already spend several hundred pounds on Easter eggs this year I thought I’d go for the cheaper one.

This egg does look every much the £12 egg, and more. It has a beautifully rustic bow and an amazing shine and a swish green/gold wash which combined screams “eat me”. The 70% couverture, which I believe is Guandaja, is perfectly nice, but not the finest of the Valrhona couvertures. But you’re paying £12 and getting a delightful egg which is far nicer than any you’d find in any high street chocolate shop or supermarket.

The chocolate itself is earthy, nutty with only the slightest hint of mango. It’s what I’d call an introductory dark chocolate – one that people who haven’t traditionally been a fan of the stuff can enjoy, and I’m sure they will. There’s nothing overly complex or boisterous, just mildly pleasant.

My favourite part of the egg are five or six (I’ve lost count as I’ve eaten a few) half eggs with their banana and ginger flavours. The banana certainly comes to the fore early on and then the ginger kicks in later on. They’re incredibly good and very moreish! They have a granular texture from those extra ingredients which gives it a more interesting mouth-feel. I’d certainly appreciate a bag of these next to my desk!

Overall, I’d definitely say the egg is worth the £12 I paid for it, and if you get the chance, you can order it online (when his site has been fixed) or some of his other eggs at British Fine Foods.


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Title: Damian Allsop Dark Chocolate with Banana and Ginger
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