Cadbury Egg n Spoon

It must be hard for a big company like Cadbury to keep coming up with new products each Easter, especially as they still make a pretty penny from Creme Eggs. Try they do and this year they’ve come up with four almost “dipping eggs” that come in a realistic egg box and a couple of spoons...

Milkybar Mini Eggs

And we’re back in the saddle for 2013’s Easter egg reviews as has been the case for the past five years with mini eggs. This time we’re kicking off with a brand that and a type of chocolate that doesn’t often appeal. Milky Bar produce a type of “chocolate” that I...

Les Oeufs Vichy by Michel Cluizel

For those of you who like Easter eggs that are small and colourful, and made by a master French chocolate maker then I would suggest these mini eggs are for you. They're light in both texture and flavour and are certainly different from the usual eggs you will see.

Thorntons Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

There's nothing majorly exciting or remarkable about this Easter egg. If you want that, be prepared to pay ten times the price. For just less than £10 this egg is actually very good value for money and would appeal to the vast majority of people.

Montezuma’s Organic Cheeky Bunnies

These dark chocolate bunny rabbits from Montezuma's were actually quite nice. There's nothing remarkable or exciting about them though. If you like organic dark chocolate then they're one of the few novelty chocolate gifts you can get at Easter.

Green & Blacks Mint Dark Chocolate

As part of the latest Green & Blacks Easter egg hamper I got, there was this mint dark chocolate Easter egg and seeing as only the other mint Easter egg I’ve reviewed this year was the Aero Bubbles one, I was a tad excited. My own prejudice says that mint works much better with milk chocolate...