Free Easter Egg

Every little helps as they say, but you won't many opportunities this Easter to get a free Easter egg this year, but thankfully Thorntons are giving them away if you spend over £20.

1/3 Off Thornton’s Easter Eggs

If you weren't buying for your children, or somebody else's kids this Easter, you can get some great bargains for adults at Thorntons this weekend. They've got a third off their most popular Easter eggs for grown-ups this weekend.

Hotel Chocolat Free Delivery

With so many voucher codes, offers and competitions going on, which voucher codes you use to save the most money will depend on how much you're spending and when you'd want your chocolate to arrive. Here's a quick guide to saving the most at Hotel Chocolat this Easter.

Save A Third Off The Thorntons Continental Viennese Easter Egg

Today’s Daily Deal from Thorntons is a different one that was expected. Now if you’d like to buy for a large family of people who prefer their conventional Easter eggs that come with chocolates then this has to be the one for you. You can save 1/3 off the usual price for the 292g Continental...

Thontons Continental Statement Gift Sale

Today you save a staggering 20% off the Thorntons Continental Statement egg and a box of their Continental Chocolates. If  you bought the items separately they would come to £34.98 but you can get them collectively for just £20 today – 26th March 2012. The egg is Thorntons’s largest egg...

Thorntons Easter Egg Sale – Save £20

Here’s a massive sale item here from Thorntons that you won’t see widely advertised elsewhere. I got an email yesterday from Thorntons that today they’ll be launching this exclusive ‘Easter Extravaganza” which has £20 taken off the price a collection of Easter eggs for the...