If ordinary Easter eggs just aren’t good enough for you, why not try some of these luxury Easter eggs I’ve tried?

Paul A Young Hot Cross Brownie

The last review was of something incredibly sweet. But to prove that very sweet can work we have a Paul A Young Hot Cross Bun brownie. This brownie also is a case in point that Easter is not only about milk chocolate Easter eggs bought for less than it takes to make it and put it on shelves, but also...

Betty’s Old-Spot Easter Egg

Over the past few years I’ve always been impressed with the Easter eggs and chocolate gifts that Betty’s have created. Whether it’s the Saddleback Pig, badger egg or one flavoured with Lily of the Valley, they’ve always hit the mark. Given the opportunity to review another of their...

Les Oeufs Vichy by Michel Cluizel

For those of you who like Easter eggs that are small and colourful, and made by a master French chocolate maker then I would suggest these mini eggs are for you. They're light in both texture and flavour and are certainly different from the usual eggs you will see.

Salted Caramel Easter Egg

So during the week I popped down to Paul A. Young to see what delights he was creating for Easter, and although he’s got some exceedingly thick and awesome Easter eggs beautifully lined up to buy already, most of the über delicate and ‘scrummy’ stuff is yet be made into the shop as...

Fortnum & Mason Decorated Milk Chocolate Egg

This Easter egg from Fortnum and Mason should have been far better than it was. The milk chocolate was far too sweet, a lack of attention with the design and possibly possibly a rushed production with the chocolates inside.

Donna Wilson Easter Eggs From Rococo Chocolates

It's a shame this Easter egg arrived damaged, but it really did stand out from the crowd as having a completely original design. The twin layers of dark and white chocolate also make these eggs very unusual.