Luxury Chocolate Easter Quail’s Egg Gift Box

Our good friends at Demarquette have sent over some of these bite-sized quail’s chocolate eggs for Easter. On reflection their much larger eggs are more focused on those with a complete lack of will-power. Whilst these smaller eggs are for those that just prefer a soupçons of indulgence rather than a...

Thorntons Black Forest Gateau Easter Egg

You had me at dried cherries. Last year Thorntons stepped their Easter egg game up quite a few notches with the Banoffee Pie and Lemon Meringue Easter eggs. Then I thought it’d be difficult to improve upon the “puddings” theme, however, I’ve been proven wrong. This year I have before...

Chococo Dark Chocolate Ginger Egg

At this time of year the internet and the high street are awash with companies piling Easter eggs up high and selling them cheap. Quality has become as insignificant to Easter as religion. There are countless families that prefer to shun big brands and focus on “buying British”, and to my mind:...

Thorntons Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

There's nothing majorly exciting or remarkable about this Easter egg. If you want that, be prepared to pay ten times the price. For just less than £10 this egg is actually very good value for money and would appeal to the vast majority of people.

Montezuma’s Organic Cheeky Bunnies

These dark chocolate bunny rabbits from Montezuma's were actually quite nice. There's nothing remarkable or exciting about them though. If you like organic dark chocolate then they're one of the few novelty chocolate gifts you can get at Easter.

Damian Allsop Dark Chocolate with Banana and Ginger

This isn't Damian's most expensive Easter egg, but at £12 it's still very good value for money and may be a good one to interest a loved-one to dark chocolate.