Rocky Road to Caramellow Extra Thick Egg

This Easter egg is one of Hotel Chocolat's most popular products of the year, and it's no surprise why - I just love it!

Serious Dark Fix Ostrich Easter Egg

For those real dark chocolate lovers then their can be no better choice on the high street than the Seriously Dark Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat.

Strawberry Sensation Egg Sandwich

This is another of Hotel Chocolat's Easter chocolate sandwiches, it might not be my most favourite, but its certainly interesting nonetheless!

You Crack Me Up Extra Thick Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat do produce fantastic Easter eggs and this one doesn't take itself too seriously and is very popular as a result.

The Serious Dark Fix Easter Egg

These extra thick Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat aren't cheap, but you do get a substantial amount of chocolate to enjoy. It's up to you if you think its value for money!

Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs

A list of Easter eggs I've reviewed which have been made by Hotel Chocolat.