Cadbury’s Easter Eggs

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2012 update: This the range of Cadbury’s Easter eggs that you can buy on their site has really blossomed. They’ve really made the site much more appealing and have massively increased the range and selection of eggs to include ones with mugs as well as soft toys. They’ve still got the usual suspects such as Mini Eggs, Creme eggs, Wispa, Flake, Twirl, Diary Milk Caramel, Roses, Dairy Milk, Freddo, Buttons, Crunchie, giant eggs, and a whole heap of different Easter egg hampers. Their prices range from £4.09 to £70 with delivery costing either £3.95 for orders under £10 to £5.50 for over £10 and £6.50 for next day delivery (they don’t mention Saturday delivery). If you wanted to buy wholesale Easter eggs then Chocolate Buttons have a large selection of Cadbury Easter eggs – must of which are discounted when you buy them in bulk quantities, although they do sell some individually (mainly the larger ones.)

You can buy Cadbury’s Easter eggs from:
Cadbury Gifts Direct
Chocolate Buttons

2011 Update: So here’s a look at the selection of Cadbury’s Easter eggs that you can get this year, if they’re any good and what sort of prices you can expect.

Well what’s looking very popular this year are the new Cadbury’s KOKO Easter Eggs that are getting more frequently found on the shelves of supermarkets. But it looks like you can get a great deal from Cadbury’s Direct when you can get a large KOKO Cadbury egg with milk truffles, a medium KOKO Cadbury egg with milk chocolate truffles and a carton of the mini eggs. Well that should do for many families! » Buy it here «

If you want a fantastic deal on Cadbury Easter eggs then you should consider the Easter Egg Share box from Cadbury where you get a massive selection of family-focused Easter eggs and Easter treats for £30 – and it saves you carrying them back from the shops! » Buy them here «

If you’re buying for someone that just loves Cadbury Mini Eggs then you’ve got them this Mini Eggs gift box which has a huge selection of their smaller Cadbury Easter eggs including the caramel eggs, the Creme eggs, the mini eggs, their Easter bunny and more – all for just £10.50. » Buy them here «

You can also get giant eggs from them, well one large Easter eggs and some bags of mini eggs for £10.50 which is pretty damn good! » Buy them here «

There are just loads of Cadbury’s Easter eggs you can get, but if you wanted to check some of the reviews of those Easter eggs, then here’s a selection:

And if you want to see what will arrive when you order from Cadbury’s Gift Direct, it’ll look come in a nice branded box, with an inner box that’s designed as being suitable for being a gift as it is. Then inside you’ll get some great Easter goodies which have been well packed.

» Visit Them Online «

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