Extra Thick

In the many years I’ve been reviewing Easter eggs in particular and chocolate in general I’ve seen a massive rise in demand for extra thick Easter eggs and a steady rise in the number of chocolate companies adding them to their collections. For me Hotel Chocolat have been the trail-blazers in this form of seasonal chocolate and each year they seem to enhance their offerings.

In 2012 they’ve revamped their entire range and not just the extra-thick ones, but these eggs now come in a beautiful hat box inspired design. I’ve spoken with the MD of » Hotel Chocolat «, Angus Thirwell, and he said this was a conscious decision, and I have to applaud him for that. This year have a wider selection to choose form. There’s the amazing “Serious Dark Fix” egg which is made from their 70% dark chocolate recipe and encrusted with cocoa nibs to give it a bit more of a crunchy texture. It’s then filled with a variety of chocolates such as ones with rum, raspberry liqueur and a chilli praline. This is a great one for true dark chocolate connoisseurs that like some affordable luxury as they’re £26 which is actually good value for money considering you get 360g of chocolate.

The Your Eggscellency is a half and half egg with half a shell being their thick dark chocolate and the other half being thick milk chocolate. Just like the Serious Dark Fix you’ll get some chocolates inside, but with this one it’s a collection of 12 truffles with boozy centres. With this one, however, you get slightly more for your money as it weighs 370g.

The Eggsibitionist egg offers even more for your money as it’s 390g and comes with 14 chocolates and still only costs £26. But they do come with, what looks to me, less exciting chocolates in side. Whilst the Rocky Road To Caramel seemingly gives the best value for money as for the same price you get 14 chocolates but 500g of the sweet stuff in total. This also comes with more imaginative and flavoursome chocolates in the middle. And lastly, for children, we have the You Crack Me Up extra thick Easter egg. It weighs 380g has 14 chocolates which are made to look like smiley faces, fried eggs, little bunnies and chocolate rabbits. This also costs £26.

If you’re looking for really cheap extra thick Easter eggs then you’ll probably looking at » Thorntons « who have 320g eggs for just £6.50 and they’re on a 3 for 2 deal which makes them work out to be £4.33 each if you bought three. The added bonus is that they can also be personalised with white icing. What’s more, they come in white, milk and dark chocolate varieties which is great if you’ve got family members or children that each like different types of chocolate but you wanted to get them essentially the same ones so that one child doesn’t complain they’ve got a worse egg than their sibling. [I’ve reviewed the Thornton’s Extra Thick Easter Egg and it was actually pretty good.

If money was no object and you had £90 then this egg from » Fortnum & Mason « is just epic. It’s essentially five eggs, one inside another so it’s basically so extra-thick that’s a solid egg. The one here is just dark chocolate and called the Colossal Egg, but they also do one with a variety of chocolate intensities and is called the Ultimate Egg – and it’s understandable why those eggs have got those names!

Obviously these eggs aren’t for everyone as they’ve got bitter flavours, but the more sophisticated dark chocolate lover would enjoy these – not least because they look so gorgeous!