Why You Should Purchase Easter Eggs Online

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With all the cheap Easter eggs out there, you can get them for £1, why should you consider buying them online?

My view is that there are a number of reasons why you should at least consider buying some of your Easter eggs online this Easter:

1) You can get some really great, funky and unusual Easter eggs from online stores that aren’t in the (every) high-street.
For instance in 2012 I like the Chilli and Lemongrass truffles egg, the vegan bunny, the Pierre Marcolini selection (ok so it’s expensive to get sent to the UK), the Dorset dinosaur, the Indian inspired egg and the chocolate saddleback pigs.

2) There are still some great ones from Artisan chocolatiers that you can buy online.
The likes of Demarquette and William Curley (and to a lesser extent Artisan du Chocolat) do sell some of their Eater eggs online, they might not be their most fragile ones, but if you can’t get into London then you can still get something fro then new home of British chocolate.

3) You’ve got loads of choice.
You can compare the range of Easter eggs from many different chocolate shops in one go. Many chocolate shops such as Hotel Chocolat and Thorntons make put a lot of dietary and size information on their websites which makes it easier to do a like-for-like comparison,

4) You don’t get elbowed to death.
Sometimes I just hate going shopping. I get run over by push-chairs and elbowed in the ribs by grannies that have to have the last bargain in the store. Doing it online you can sit back with a cuppa and just find the perfect gift without getting bruised!

5) You can get some great deals.
Cadbury Gifts Direct do some web-only deals on their Easter hampers. You can also make use of the online Easter egg voucher codes that you couldn’t do in store.

6) You can get some nice personalised Easter gifts easily.
Thornton’s may not be in your high-street, but many of the eggs can be personalised for just 50p!

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