Asda Supermarket Easter Egg Reviews

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28/02/2012 update: It seems that Asda have really stepped up their range this year. They’ve still got a massive selection of Lindt and Guylian eggs, but also now have some interesting Thornton’s ones, as well as some alcoholic Famous Grouse ones courtesy of Lir and a huge chocolate chicken in a create as well as a large Easter egg that is £10 and is basically 1kg of milk chocolate. I was going to buy it to review, but I thought that the quality of the chocolate wouldn’t be great and I’d be left with a great deal of chocolate I wouldn’t eat.

12/02/2012 update:  At the moment Asda Online have hardly got any Easter eggs online and only a few bits and bobs in store. There’s certainly nothing worth going there for. If  I had to recommend any supermarket if you wanted to get your Easter egg buying done early would be to go to Tesco as they do have a good selection even in the middle of February.

2011 Updated: It looks like Asda are remaining in the “Pile them high, sell them cheap” camp and it looks like they’re trying to pull a fast one too. Some of their mid/large eggs were allegedly being sold for £6.15 and are now down to £2 – come on! These include the Cadbury Flake egg, the Cadbury Twirl and Cadbury Wispa. Whilst they’re shifting the Nestle medium eggs for £2 each or 3 for £4 which is just stupid pricing. The thing is, they taste dire, some of them taste like cardboard to me and are just rammed full of sugar, if you really cared about your kids I’d buy something different.

I popped down to Asda to see what sort of Easter Eggs they had and they’d certainly added a much wider range over the last couple of weeks since I last visited them.

I chose to review all the cheap Easter eggs they had and also some more expensive ones.

For just £22 I managed to buy:

Nestle Kit Kat Crunchie Easter Egg (235g)
Nestle Smarties Easter Egg (211g)
Nestle Rolo Easter Egg (239g)
Nestle Aero Easter Egg (197g)
Green & Blacks Chocolate Egg with Smooth Praline Mini Eggs (180g)
Thorntons Premium Collection with truffle, pralines and mousses (275g)
Thorntons Classic Collection (175g) with 6 chocolates with classic centres.


When I got them home I realised that there weren’t any Cadbury Easter eggs on sale – only their mass-market competitor Nestle and some more upmarket manufacturers such as Thorntons etc. I realised that it was the Easter eggs I posted about from Wilkinsons that had some Cadbury ones. Have Asda done a deal with Nestle so they get their eggs cheaper on condition they don’t sell any cheap Cadbury ones?

Visit Asda today!

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